Friday, April 20, 2007

Changing Appetites, Marina Square

Changing Appetites at Marina Square does some sort of western/Japanese fusion food on their menu. I can't put a finger into their identity, but there's a variety. The food's fairly affordable with a somewhat creative menu. I didn't really think too much of them beside being a novelty when I first visited them a few years back when they were just opened.

The Classic Double 2 Thick burger ($15.90) was really thick. The patty wasn't as firm as I was hoping for. It fell apart easily and there was no option for done-ness. The marinate of the meat was so strong that it took the beef out of beefiness. Couldn't tell from the taste what meat it was. The saving grace was that it didn't taste bad. They used a butter brown rye bun which was quite good.

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