Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Food Story, Chinatown Point

Wasn't much of a story to be told here (Chinatown Point, Block 133 New Bridge Road, #01-01A) in this little restaurant attached to the Korean grocery joint down in Chinatown Point. The food might have been home styled, but it really left little interest in me returning. Let's see, their spicy tuna jigae was made from shredded canned tuna instead of real pieces of the fish. Not much beef here with the rest of the broth though.

I honestly couldn't find much redemption from that small portioned kimchi fried rice which packed the barest of punch from the flavors of kimchi and certainly looked like it was microwaved with some sliced cheese. Not that I was expecting a dizzying spread out of the banchan, but they were quite forgettable and there wasn't any refills to speak of. Honestly, I've had much better kimchi from Koufu at Toa Payoh Central.

So there you go, my food story.

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