Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pizza & Empanadas, Tanglin Halt Food Centre

Given my lack of familiarity with empanadas as a Latin American pastry, I couldn't say how the ones from this stall (48A Tanglin Halt Road, #01-34 Tanglin Halt Market & Food Centre,  tel : +65 8151 1406) stack up against the real thing. But I do quite like these (enough that we bought back another 20 pieces destined for the freezer) and I think they do make pretty tasty snacks that weighs up less on the guilt factor.

While there wasn't anything in particular that would make Guy Fieri exclaim "Dynamite!", the offerings from the stall resonated with the charm of street food, if not from the pastry's locale of origins. I did quite enjoy the light tasting mozzarela and mushroom fillings (which uses fresh button mushrooms, no less) and the minced beef with hard boiled egg empanada with a touch of spiciness that definitely worked there.

A little off the beaten track were also some deep fried spring rolls stuffed with chives and oysters (pretty decent there) and one with chilled durian puree. Both of which featured crispy skin that was well drained of excessive oil. Not too bad I must say.

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