Thursday, September 24, 2015

OverEasy, Liat Towers

That's the truffle burger up there from OverEasy (541 Orchard Road, #01-01 Liat Towers). It was rather good. The patty was a nice beefy medium with sufficient char and natural flavours which were well balanced with the truffle mayo and the light Swiss cheese. Their "mac & cheeks" was a very nicely done mac & cheese with beef cheeks and was sufficiently rich and cheesy rather than simply going the creamy route that most people do here. I'm actually a little surprised by how much I liked what we had. 

If I had to complain - it'll be that the restaurant suffers from poor acoustics, the tables are a little too small with very odd space to table placement and their blue cheese dip for their buffalo wings was really diluted. Seriously weak stuff. Food's also a little overpriced. But I could see myself coming back.

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