Friday, April 07, 2017

Re-visiting Spice Junction

What have we here? It looks like the usual chilled sweet lassi that I would normally order. Except that it is not. It's a ginger lassi. Sweet and a bit of aroma from the ginger with a lot of that yoghurt flavour that I enjoy. Even though I was hoping for a stronger ginger taste, I found myself liking this.

That's a kozhi porichathu, another KFC if you would. This one represents Kerelan fried chicken that's marinated in a spice paste. The spice paste was a little gingery, a little garlic-y and had some heat. The meat from the bird was dry though. While we didn't dislike this, I don't think it's something that we would be coming back for especially when there's a lot of other interesting stuff on their menu.

We were thinking of a richer and creamier gravy when we ordered the vegetable korma. This was much less viscous in texture but had quite a bit of coconut and some tomato flavours.

What I was looking forward to was their Malabar styled mutton briyani. Briyani that is supposedly prepared in the style that they do in Thalassery, a town in the Malabar coast of Kerala. While I'm not really sure what's the difference between the this particular kind and the other styles of briyani, it appeared paler in colour than the ones we normally find here. Spice Junction uses basmati which I read isn't the usual type of rice for this particular type of briyani.

Like other dum briyani, the meat is layered into the rice and cooked with the rice. I'm out of adjectives at the moment so I'm going to stick to a 'this kicks ass'. I would come back just for this alone.

We finished up with their payasam of the day which had a lot of coconut flavour it as opposed to that milky saffron flavour that is usually the case. Because of that coconut flavour, this reminded me of bubur terigu infused with cardamom. Plus raisins and nuts.

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