Saturday, April 08, 2017

Mao shan wang pizza from Tino's

One would be very hard pressed to find something like this anywhere else in the world - not to mention the fact that it's made with the expensive mao shan wang varietal. Tino's might have gotten themselves a first around here. They have a D24 option as well but I thought I should just shoot for the better.

I suppose I was both anticipating and somewhat wary of a durian pizza. So part of me was hoping that it'll be amazing while the other, reminded me not to set too much of expectations.

How did this go? While it wasn't as robustly flavoured as the eating the actual fruit but the pie didn't taste bad at all. The durian topping was pretty generous but I wonder if it was purely mao shan wang. No, it wasn't really so weird together with cheese. This should be eaten while it's still hot though.

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