Monday, July 01, 2013

Woh Hup, Hong Lim Food Centre

sauteed kailan

I discovered the existence of this place (Hong Lim Food Centre & Market, 531A Upper Cross St #02-55, tel : +65 6535 8813) from the newspaper and it turned out to be a pretty damned good recommendation. The atmosphere brough forth a reminisce of the times when I was little and eating out with my family. Right down to that blasting furnace of a stall front and the grease slicked table tops that never truly gets cleaned up from the oil stained rags that are used to wipe them.

But the food was heartily good. From the fresh and crunchy sauteed kailan to their flavorful black bean sauces and also some very nicely done steamed baby squids which were sweet, savory and delicious. What got my attention too was a their stir fried bean sprouts with bits of fish liver, intestine, roe and stomach. That was pretty unforgettable. Pretty much everything we had ordered was faultless with the exception of the minced meat omelette which suffered from a far too heavy hand with the salt.

I can definitely see myself heading back.

steamed baby squids

minced meat omelette

a very straight forward and crisp old school deep fried chicken

fish stir fried in black bean sauce

bean sprouts stir fried with fish viscera

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