Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Some's, Goldhill Plaza

I was brought to this place (189 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, tel : +65 6251 1278) by a friend who lives in the vicinity and during the first visit, this rather new shop was mysteriously closed even though it was supposed to be open based on their stated opening hours. We got lucky on the second try last week and I was pretty impressed by their crispy pork which featured oven roasted pork belly with a very crispy crackling. At that point, there was a hint of something familiar about the food, but I couldn't quite place what it was. They have apparently been in the business for four decades and was previously operating at Commonwealth.

This evening was second dips where the order was a little larger and we requested for the sambal which they only provide upon request. I'm not sure if it was that sambal, but certain things about the food clicked again and it dawned upon me that this could have been that stall at Tanglin Halt Food Centre which I had only remembered the number. I did a quick check with the proprietress and as it turns out, it was indeed them! Then it all came back to me, from the taste of the sambal to the way the roasted pork belly was fanned out across their plates and the fact that they took a long time to chop up some already cooked meat. Kinda like the moment you realized whom Keyser Söze was. This new location was certainly some makeover.

This second visit also saw some inconsistencies with the above mentioned roasted pork crackling. While it was a little less crispy compared to the first time round, it was also harder. Their signature ribs were unfortunately a bore and the duck was a so so kind of thing. The other thing I wanted to come back for was a pretty good wanton soup which the proprietress had to emphasize for a second time that there was no MSG or any artificial flavoring involved and all sweetness was natural, buffed with conpoy, lotus root and ikan bilis.

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