Monday, July 31, 2017

Bistro Du Vin, Zion Road

Les Amis’ restaurants have generally been a good bet. Granted that we haven’t been to all of them so only the ones we’ve had are spoken for. We’ve had a couple of good meals at Bistro Du Vin at Shaw. It’s been a very long while since. This was a first visit to this particular branch (56 Zion Rd, tel : +65 6836 6313).

I recall past experiences with the bread in most French bistro places as something to keep your mouth busy with butter and nothing much to forward to. Those things probably only excel at being mops for sauces. The bread here was warm and crisp. Much better than the teeth wrecking hard shelled baguettes that I’m used to associating them with.

Delicious creamy foie gras terrine with figs from the specials on their board. Am happy eating them with their baguette once we ran out of toast. That green sliver on the side is pickled chilli which actually works with the rich foie.

We got ourselves a sardine tart. Brittany sardines, the menu said. Sardin-y in a good way the fish should be. That came with a tasty tomato base which I unexpectedly enjoyed and a nice buttery pastry.

The memorable thing about their lobster risotto was the lobster and those beetroot & baby carrots. Those beetroot tasted like those French beetroots that Le Bistrot Du Sommelier serves when they're in season. Lobster was sweet and quite liberally salted. But I didn't quite like the stock for the rice. While crustacean-y like it should, there was something in it that I didn't quite take to. Avoid in future.

Pan seared sea bream was really good. Tender firm flesh underneath crisp skin. Even the ratatouille was enjoyable, not too tart.

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