Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Another night at One Night Only

One Night Only, River Valley Road

We're back again in O.N.O.. Doing a steady job of exploring their focused menu which we thought the restaurant has been doing a pretty good job of. I don't know if anyone has paid any attention to their sides; I think those are quite well done.

One Night Only, buttermilk fried chicken

Their buttermilk fried chicken was kinda dark looking. The spice mix for the batter had a bit of heat and if I'm not mistaken, thyme. Bird was well brined with flavour getting into all of the meat. The pool of oil that gathered at the bottom of the fried chicken was a little off putting though. Between this and Clinton St., I prefer the latter.

But.....the creamed corn rocked. Those mashed potatoes they had, still have little chunks of potato in them. 

One Night Only, cheese burger

There's an aptly named No Frills Cheeseburger which quite kicks ass. Comparably so to something like say Wolf Burgers. And aptly named because they didn't overload unnecessary add ons to detract from the flavours of the meat and cheese beyond a piece of lettuce and a slice of tomato between the buttered brioche. That brioche didn't hold up very well from all the juices oozing out of the meat though. I'd eat this again. 

One Night Only, malted vanilla shake

We had room for some malted vanilla shake this time round. 

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