Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lunch at Crackerjack

We came to Crackerjack for....well, lunch. With their brunch menu that is.

Ordered their bone broth after hearing about it and seeing pictures of it. Not impressed. The broth was too sweet for my liking and I was expecting something savoury.

Their brunch/breakfast plate was ordinary. The cauliflowers were nice. Bacon was dry. Sausage was boring. Scrambled eggs unexceptional. That slice of sourdough was just that, saved by the salted butter.

What I liked was their bourbon mashbill grits. Now bourbon mash bill are a bunch of grains that are cooked and then fermented to make bourbon. I'm assuming that this dish of grits uses those grains. The server however mentioned that there is bourbon in the grits. We tasted none of that mentioned bourbon. 

But this was tasty. A slightly cheesy kind of tasty. Those brown stuff on the top are crumbs of chicken scratchings.

The other mention worthy was an overpriced drink that they call coconut horchata. The menu says coconut water, lime zest, brown rice and cinnamon. We had one sans ice which I think is the only way this should be had. Ice would have watered down this concoction far too much and the flavours while very pleasant isn't something that holds up to dilution.

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