Thursday, July 27, 2017

Revisiting Nanjing Impressions (南京大牌檔)

Here's back in Nanjing Impressions because we kinda liked what we had the last time round.

That's the beauty porridge which we had previously. It was the first thing that arrived just like the last time.

We ordered their shredded duck fried noodles. This was pretty good. The noodles were full of bite, sweet and smoky at the same time. I must admit that there was more than a slight reminder of char kuey teow. Albeit one that's much less greasy.

The menu has this as tofu in shrimp sauce. It wasn't any particular shrimp sauce that most people from this part of the world would be familiar with. There was something offal-ish/liver-y about it with a sweetness just on the edge, possibly from the shrimp roe. Personally, the flavour was quite a new experience for me.

One of the items that intrigued me was their baby rooster stew with fried sesame buns. It tasted just like regular chicken. Those fried sesame buns weren't as fragrant as I had imagined them to be.

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