Friday, July 21, 2017

Ryo Sushi, Orchid Hotel

There are few things about the almost year old Ryo Sushi (#01-06 Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras Link, tel : +65 6443 3463). The chef is named Roy, an anagram of Ryo. Hahaha. There are only omakase sets for dinner and the restaurant terms itself as a sushi diner. I have no idea what a sushi diner is.

Here be their $98 sushi omakase.

Zensai was some warm edamame with salt.

And some soy marinated hijiki.

Then came the truffled onsen tamago with ikura. The first of courses with ikura.

While I understand that these not so freakishly small wooden spoons are in line with the aesthetics of the restaurant, they are not the best tools for eating the egg.

Sliced fishes are laid out before the assembling of the sushi.

The first piece was tai with a squeeze of lime and a brush of shoyu.

Followed by ika with some black salt. They refused to elaborate on what that black salt was and we left it at that.

Next we shima aji with a brush of shoyu and some yuzu pepper.

Then kanpachi with just shoyu.

Aburi nanban ebi. Sweet and delicious paired with a nice char aroma from the torching.

Aburi hotate with salt and a squeeze of lime. Another sweet and delicious that's also paired with the char aroma.

Aburi kinmedai. Yummy.

This was a sliced up Ishigaki gai. Something seasonal. The clams were restless before they were shucked and were still in their final death throes, squirming slightly when I was taking the photo. The flesh was a little crunchy and sweet.

Akami marinated with shoyu and a light sprinkle of yuzu zest. It's a little different from the simply shoyu marinated or non marinated tuna that we usually get in our nigiri.

Then otoro, again with a brush of shoyu. This was sublime when the fat from the tuna belly melted.

The first of two gunkans we received in the course was ikura. Also the second of the ikura item that they served.

The second was uni. This was very nice.

Then a kani temaki. I couldn't identify what was mixed in the minced crab meat. I had originally thought it to be kani miso, but it didn't taste like those and the restaurant refused to comment on what it was.

The finale/highlight of the sushi omakase was a mini uni rice don. Uni that was crushed and mixed with the rice along topped with a few slivers of sea urchin, more ikura and some freshly grated wasabi. Very nice.

It all ended with a light clear soup.

I thought that there wasn't a dispute to the quality of their fishes but I could also see how they could price themselves like this and still make money. Frills are minimal and the fish were carefully portioned.

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