Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A South Indian rice meal from Komala's

I had obviously not expected the deep rooted heartiness to be found in Komala Vilas here, but on hindsight, this South Indian rice meal was not bad at all and satiated my craving for some Indian food. It was probably the combination of the best sauce in the world, the savory sambar, soft spicy vegetables, hot steaming rice (that accidently steamed the crisp out of the papadum) and yoghurt that did the trick. The relatively fast service meant that this was definitely viable for me as a quick fix without having to travel too far out of my usual routes.

What caught my interest today was the little stalk of what appeared to be dried chilli that tasted much saltier than I was expecting. Any idea what are those things?


amanda said...

Hi there,

I am Amanda Tan from Word of Mouth Comms and I'd like to invite you to a tasting but I can't find your contact information. Would really appreciate it if you could reach me at amanda@womcomm.com :) looking forward to hear from you!

Saime said...

In tamil the dried chilli we call it as 'More Milagai'. As far as I know it has been prepared in following method: Red dried chilli will be soaked in Butter milk for around 1 week and they will dry further in sun light for a week. Its an alternate for pickle in Tamil families in India