Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wildfire Burgers, 313 Somerset

So these guys must have been doing quite well for some reasons to be able to expand into the current premise at 313 (#01-28 313@Somerset , 313 Orchard Road, tel: +65 6509 4408). So well in fact that I was convinced to stop for another couple of burgers even though I didn't think so much of them previously. In retrospect, I still don't quite agree with their burgers. Half the people were eating with fork and knife which likely meant things were too stacked to go by hand.

Let's look at the Umami burger (obviously inspired by Umami Burger) above for example. The bottom bun was a little hard. Maybe it was meant to be to catch the juices. But it couldn't be reasonably compressed and even I had difficulty trying to fit both buns and the contents in a bite. On the other plate, the Black Ebi (breaded prawn patty burger) had soft but rather dense squid ink buns which also didn't quite squeeze well.

The Umami burger was tastier. Even though we couldn't taste any of that smoke from the smoked mushrooms, the Parmesan crisp should have been a Parmesan chew and their Umami dust would never truly rise beyond a marketing gimmick. I was disappointed that the shrimp patty from the Black Ebi was even less shrimpy that the one at McD and that the only flavour that was outstanding in it was their spicy yuzu sauce thing. Just that one dominant flavour. It's all a pile up of frills with little care over whether they worked with the burger or if they would be lost in translation.

I don't see a third time happening.

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