Monday, February 20, 2017

Brunch at Lolla

Lollapalooza has sadly been shuttered. But its progenitor, if you would, Lolla which has taken root long before in Ann Siang still perseveres with brunch on Sundays. 

We started with their sea urchin pudding. The very same one that had previously launched a thousand ships Instagrams. If anyone's wondering, it's still good. Sugar, squid ink and egg yolk which forms that obsidian custard base and very decent quality uni.

There's toast with peaches and foie gras. Those peaches look and taste familiar. Like a particular jarred variety that I've once bought at a store in Serangoon Gardens. The sweet fruit, the fatty liver and the toasted bread make great friends.

As it happened at this point, the munching got punctuated by a glass of flavoursome cashew nut milk.

Off the daily specials, thick cut bacon with burrata and chocolate soil. Granted that the chocolate soil was probably not just chocolate and would benefit from more generosity considering how much burrata it had to pair against - chocolate cheese and bacon sound good don't it?

Three slivers of nicely charred lamb tenders with yoghurt, pine nuts and carrots. Nice.

The last thing we ordered was unfortunately the only thing that was somewhat disappointing. It's a beef tongue hash. What we didn't agree with was the treatment of the tongue. Braised and pulled and then fried, it ended up stringy with none of its associated textures. This tasted like hydrated beef jerky. Cubed ox tongue would have definitely made better hash and honestly, we thought this was not well thought out.

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