Monday, April 24, 2017

More weekend-ery at Huber's

Lunch at the bistro before a trip into the butcher/deli/supermarket. I just realized that these guys have an automated queue system that calls you when your table is ready.

They have a pretty nice French onion soup. Savoury from the broth and sweetness from the onions.

Burger was okay. The flavour from the meat wasn't so intense. While it wasn't memorable that I would be telling myself I gotta come back for it, I couldn't complain. The gruyere got lost in everything. Everything meaning the brioche, bacon, beef and the sweet caramalized onions.

Meatloaf was amazing with the egg, spinach and mash. Together. By the way, I really liked their creamy mash.

A custard cream dessert where the custard was buried by the flavours of the compote/jam thingy.

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