Saturday, April 22, 2017

Niku Kappo, ION Orchard

Watami has thrown in the towel at the basement of ION for whatever reasons. The current tenant which has taken over is Niku Kappo (#B3-23 ION Orchard, tel : +65 6509 9366) - brought in from Tsujiki in the land of the rising sun by…*Dave Lombardo drumroll*…Watami! Apparently another one of those first in the world outside of Japan kind of places.

Lots of beef options here and their niku nabe seems to be central to their offerings.

The thing that Niku Kappo does which isn't so common is niku sushi. Meat sushi of the wagyu variety served raw or torched in various styles. The wagyu uni gunkan and the wagyu rossini (the one with foie gras and truffle) are the tastier ones. The rest of the meat that wasn't aburi-ed weren't particularly outstanding even though the wagyu toro was fat marbled and supposed to be flavourful.

This was their yaki tetsu Kobe. A shiro miso based niku nabe. One gets to choose the type of beef used and this was their Akagi wagyu option

The ingredients were brought to the table and cooked by the server.

The beef and negi are first seared.

Then set aside.

The first portions that were served included the caramelized negi and a little of the Akagi wagyu. We were told that the yellow stuff in the bowl is a tamago sauce - something to downplay the intensity from the shiro miso.

The rest of the ingredients are simmered in the shiro miso and what I think might have been dashi.

The remaining miso after we were done with the nabe was made into a sauce with egg.

Which is then ladled onto the rice that comes with the order of their niku nabe.

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