Sunday, June 16, 2019

Kabayan Filipino Restaurant, Lucky Plaza

We were in the vicinity and had lunch at Kabayan Filipino Restaurant (#03-25 Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Road). I've heard of them for some time and have been wanting to check out their food. Which is done cafeteria styled like Sari Ratu or Minang House where one picks dishes of their choice to go with rice.

Food's not bad. The options were a little overwhelming so in the short moments of agonizing over what to pick, I ended up with a plate with longanisa (sweet sausage), lechon kawali (roasted pork belly) and some long beans in a vinegar sauce. The latter was dangerously appetizing while that longanisa reminded me of 台湾香肠. Pork belly wasn't so crispy but I didn't quite mind that.

Also liked also their peanut-ty kare kare with tripe that came with a side of bagoong which was pretty awesome with either the stew or on rice with everything else. Gotta come back another time to see what else is good.

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