Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Affordable prime ribs...

Hog's Breath prime rib
A heads up if you do not know already that Hog's Breath is having a promotion of sorts for Mondays where the prime ribs are going for a one for one deal. That in short means that two persons can snag themselves a 300g slab of All Natural prime rib (sans the unnecessary toppings) at a nett cost of approximately $20 a person which I honestly think is a pretty good deal. This kinda puts things at the prices that Aston's is selling their steaks for.

Speaking of prime rib, I guess after all these years, Hog's been a fairly reliable place to fall back to for relatively inexpensive prime rib. It's quite unfortunate that the cheapest option that I know of is usually not available to myself, but this place is second best. A change that I've noted though was the increased options of sauces on the side which they now charge a dollar for (free previously). The brown sauce is no longer listed on the menu, but was available at no charge when requested for.

And I am not affiliated with them in anyway, so don't even ask.


ah Teo said...

Refreshing change from the usual coloured photos. Noting the different cuts that they have put up in the menu too, I thought the Aussie cut was just nice for me. Yums!

red fir said...

Coloredphotosmakethesteaklookjuicier LOL.