Friday, January 05, 2007

Marrakesh - Moroccan Lounge & Bar, Clark Quay

This wa a nice place (for the ambience and decor) which I've passed by on a couple of occasions, but have never really stepped into until now. Marrakesh is run by the management that owns the Harry's drinking holes and it is located right beside The Tent at Clark Quay. I was quite impressed with how this joint looks on the inside as there was very visible effort at making the interior look stylishly Middle Eastern, yet modern enough that it is recognisable as a bar. It's definite a nice spot you're looking for an alternative hangout. The music in this place (some form of Indianish/middle eastern modern chillout/electronica) was also not intrusive.

One of the things I liked about Marrakesh were the cloistered corners which the place seems to be filled with. Although you don't get plenty of space, it's comfortable room for 5-6 persons cloaked in semi-privacy.

That's pretty much where the beauty of this place stops. The food and drinks are a general gamut of grills, breads and vegetable stuff which you can expect from Middle Eastern themed places. Having eaten at Banoo before, I can say that it's definitely better over there if you're talking about food in both quality and variety. Most of the food look like elaborate bar snacks. And being able to smoke in this place meant that it's a bar license establishment they've gotten, not a restaurant.

This mixed grill platter which I had at $28 came as they described with beef kebab, shish taouk, shish kebab, lamb kebab with dolma, hummus and Arabic salad. Apart from the kebabs and the hummus, I really don't know what were the other stuff. What I had was an array of grilled and spiced meat on sticks drenched in some tomato based gravy. I'm fairly sure there's coriander in there somewhere, but in this instance, it was faint enough for me to disregard. The portions weren't large, so a platter feeds one hungry person unless you're a small eater. Their mojito was quite disappointing. While was good with the lime and mint, had barely any detectable trace of rum. Serving drinks with excessive crushed ice and not enough alcohol looks very obviously like bad bar practice to me.

If you're not really looking for great chow it's a good place to chill and hang with friends.

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