Monday, May 13, 2013

Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant, Joo Chiat Road

Delicious Vietnamese food to be found here (159 Joo Chiat Road, tel  : +65 9105 8519).

We had the obligatory goi cuon which was......rustic. The rice paper skin was a little soggy and chewy.

The serving of oc nhay or boiled conch was sweet and fresh tasting. Very tasty with and without the accompanying dip of fish sauce, pepper, salt and tamarind with sliced bits of chilli.

Following, was a very perky green mango salad with strips of pork belly and shrimp. Flavored with basil. The sour notes provided by the fruit were excellent and appetizing. I like this stuff.

And then a bo tai chanh, described as an underdone beef salad. This was basically beef that was cooked to medium doneness, enlivened by lemon and what appears to be a bit of sugar. A little salt would have upped the flavor profile noticeably, but I'm not sure how these are usually had.

My main bowl of a bun thit nuong cha gio. Rice noodles with grilled pork and a fried spring roll. Doused with the accompanying fish sauce and lime sauces with peanut, this rice noodles ended up a lot lighter and much tastier than it appears. The only thing I didn't quite take to were the raw bean sprouts.

I forgot what this is called, but it's rice noodles in a light savory broth that is loaded with ingredients like sliced pork, pork offal and shrimp. Also tasty this was.

And to finish in the sweltering humidity of our merciless sun, a milk and egg soda.

Food here feels very authentic Vietnamese and importantly, delicious without being expensive. Would like to come back again.

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