Monday, April 21, 2014

Kampong Corner, Sembawang Road

still lontong

I've eaten at this nasi padang stall (602B Sembawang Road) a couple of times previously. The noteworthy thing for me included a chicken liver dish, their rather tasty paru and generally comforting food with a good amount of spices and richness in the gravies that are great accompaniments to both their respective dishes and nasi putih (white rice). Special mention goes to the sayur lodeh for the lontong which featured a certainly heart clogging and delicious flavor in the curry that's further enriched when added with shredded coconut and their sweet and spicy sambal (chilli paste). It's one of those things to crave for during rainy days.

sotong hitam, paru, telur

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Amanina A said...

Hi I am the owner of nasi padang stall, Kampong Corner. I appreciate the compliments mentioned here. Thsnks for your support, I do hope to see you around in my stall. Thank you once again! :)