Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Artichoke Fried Chicken

That's the fried chicken from Artichoke. It was basically their take on a Southern fried chicken plate with a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern twist. It features chicken that's been brined overnight and then massaged with a shish taouk marinated before being fried and getting a veneer of honey lemon glaze. The slaw on the side is flavoured with tahini, there's paprika fries and Lebanese pickles, a toum on the side and chutney like thingy...yada. 

So the verdict, you must be wondering. The savoury and flavoured batter was really crisp and while the meat was juicy, however that meat was a tad more salty than I had been expecting. But that worked since the sodium element was really low for everything else on the plate. There was a wing, a drumstick and a thigh and the portions were pretty generous. The only thing that I couldn't quite reconcile was the tahini slaw. The flavor profile doesn't quite scream tahini. Would have been great if there was a more noticeable hit of that fragrant sesame.

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