Friday, May 05, 2017

Oxwell & Co, Ann Siang Road

English/British fare by and large isn't so common here for some reasons. In spite of the fact that this island was once a British colony, the only culinary legacy Her Majesty's people left behind, and not by design, was Hainanese western food. 

I never knew Oxwell & Co (5 Ann Siang Road, tel : +65 6438 3984) served English food until this visit which was admittedly triggered by watching fish & chips being consumed in Broadchurch. That got a craving going on.

Pea soup was delicious. The pea-y tasting soup had a sweetness, was savoury at the same time and also a little smoky - filled with bits of pulled ham hock. 

This was their fish & fries chips. I suppose on a technicality, it's fries and not chips. Those fries were actually pretty good eating though. There was a house made tartare sauce that had dill so that kinda wins. The menu stated that the fish was Pacific ocean perch. Honestly I'm not very good at telling the difference. All I knew was that there was something about the texture that set it apart from cod or haddock. The crisp batter was salted, flavoured with something and was quite tasty.

We ordered their honey glazed carrots on the side. Not sure if that was buttermilk or sour cream or a mixture of something similar - those carrots tasted good with them together with the honey that pooled at the bottom of the bowl. By the way, that honey mixture with the carrots was also an awesome dip for those fries. Butt kicking kind of awesome. You heard it here first.

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