Saturday, May 27, 2017

More from La Tapería

We're back. Here's a bunch of other stuff which we haven't had before. Before the food, a rant. The tables for two at La Tapería were rather small. But the plates that they used tends not to be. The setup of the restaurant is optimized for as much seating as they can comfortably squeeze and honestly, it wasn't very comfortable when the room was packed.

La Tapería, white asparagus

There was white asparagus on the menu so we took advantage of the season for more of them, wrapped in prosciutto di Parma and soft boiled egg. 

La Tapería, octopus

Some Galician styled octopus. Not the most tender we've had and the potato slices were pathetically thin. But otherwise, it was quite tasty. The quality of the olive oil they used was good. Won't order again though.

La Tapería, frog legs

We had frog legs with broad beans. These amphibian legs were chopped up and served sizzling. The main flavour we were getting was heat from whatever spice and garlic - that tasted rather Asian. Not to mention also a little bland coming from a Les Amis restaurant.

La Tapería, welsh lamb rack

This was their Welsh lamb rack - the other lamb dish they had on menu. Grilled rather than confit and was also quite good in its own way if I had to compare with the other. There was enough char on the meat for it to be respectable and little to muddle up the natural flavours. Grilled vegetables with fried potatoes on the side were nicely done and not just an afterthought.

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