Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bon Goût, Robertson Quay

Found another place which I could get myself some pretty good home styled Japanese cooking right down at Robertson Quay (60 Robertson Quay, #01-01 The Quayside, S238252). After hearing about the rather unfortunate change of management down at Wasabi Tei, Bon Goût could just be the next best thing to happen. Funny thing is, I've actually eaten here once quite a few years back. Didn't really register much except for the fact that the shop was a bookstore of sorts as well. This time round, I found myself liking the food that I dropped by in consecutive nights for dinner.

With little idea of what was good from the place apart from what I had heard about their curry, I decided to wander off the beaten path to try something else. Landed myself a maguro zuke don and their beef steak don. Both of which turned out to be good choices. I couldn't really identify what about the tuna that was great. Perhaps it was the fact that the slices of tuna was of a suitable temperature. The result was tender and flavourful meat. Delicious with just a drizzle of shoyu and accompanied with a bit of that strong wasabi, it was something that I couldn't get enough of. Already deciding to come back again.

The beef steak don came in a form of sliced pan fried beef done medium with little but shoyu and butter. This was also really good stuff. These couple of dons have assured my return at least for the next couple of times.

2nd dinner

Having had a good impression of their "beef steak" we tried their beef steak curry with rice which was very decent by its own. But it wasn't something that wowed me that I would order again soon. I would have preferred enjoy the flavours of the beef without having the sweetish and mildly spicy curry come into the picture. But still, it wasn't bad at all.

Another pleasant surprise came from their curry pork udon which featured a more savoury curry in comparison to the one that was used for the rice. I don't order udon much and I guess this would be one of those times that I'm pretty glad that I did. The noodles were soft and springy without being overly chewy and I'm guessing that this ought to be the correct texture. Now that Wakashachiya is no longer around, this would probably be the next place I'll be seeing myself getting curry udon. The generous portions of shabu thin slices of pork buried underneath that savoury curry made up for it. Awesome option for those cool weathers if only they would come more frequently.

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