Sunday, September 06, 2009

Another lunch at Sushi Yoshida

Sushi Yoshida
It's been some time since my last visit. Noticed a couple of changes. For starters, the plastic lobster under the bridge at the entrance of the restaurant doesn't exist anymore. I'm not sure where that crawled to but the area where it once resided is now filled with plants. Also, it seems that there's otoro these days in the chirashi box. Or has that become the norm?

I decided to try something different today and ordered a unagi shiroyaki set from the lunch menu (the onsen tamago from the lunch set is still good). As implied in the name, the eel is white as they were grilled without the tare and the flavouring comes from the accompanying shoyu and grated wasabi. The eel was served hot from the grill with the oils on the surface of the fish still bubbling. It was okay. I was actually thinking that it might have tasted something like anago but I guess they're just different.

Sushi Yoshida, unagi shiroyakiSushi Yoshida, uni gunkan
I recalled that I've never actually had uni here so here's the obligatory uni test for myself. This stuff was pretty damned good. Although they weren't as chilled as I would have liked, the creamy texture and aroma made up for it. It seemed that there is a typhoon happening in Japan according to the chef and that the prices of uni had gone up. Although the restaurant didn't raise any prices, the prices of the uni gunkan here were already one of the higher ones I've come across. In the end, it still etched a smile on me so I guess that was the thing that really counted for $16 a pop.

Sushi Yoshida, chirashi
And then, there was still the chirashi. But I'm pretty sure enough's been said about them. Nice of them to have otoro instead of chutoro as they did serve previously. I've thus incentive to come back again for that. I've noticed, the sushi set for the lunch looked pretty decent as well. Hmmmmmmmm...

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red fir said...

There wasn't lobster sashimi in your chirashi? =) Nice to see a neat slab of anago despite the salmon abomination.