Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tai Loke Hainan Chicken Rice, Queen Street

I've been trying to get a plate from this stall (269B Queen Street) for quite a while so this has finally happened. This stall doesn't even open until dinner time. While their chicken rice wasn't something that was so impressive that it'll blow your socks off, Tai Loke had some redeeming qualities. Their blend of drizzle sauce for the chicken was deliciously fragrant from the sesame and the meat was slurp off the bone tender. The rice, of the light flavoured variety was rather easy to inhale, especially with that drizzle sauce or even the aromatic dark soy. What didn't quite work out for me here was the their chilli which was both watery and garlicky.

I'd eat this again easily if I were in the vicinity, but it's not exactly one of those stalls that I'd go out of the way for.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Snow cheese ramen from Buta God

If you're thinking that this looks like just a simple sprinkle of powdered Parmesan cheese on top of the regular bowl from Buta God, you're probably right. I'm not sure if any further thought process had been made to create this supposedly seasonal bowl, but we're looking at a blend (or clash) of two strong flavours here. The rich, sweet & savoury broth and the powdered cheese. So proportions count for something. And this was actually pretty tasty for me. If you like powdered cheese in your food that is. There was just enough of the cheese to tell without making a mess of the original broth. I wonder how does the grilled cheese bowl fare.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Da Paolo Bistro Bar, Rochester Park

This is the other Da Paolo (3 Rochester Drive, tel : +65 6774 5537) left today that's still a proper restaurant. The food is nothing much like their restaurants in the past. It's much easier to label what they do as generic European rather than specifically Italian. Of course, the lines blur these days.

Here's some pea soup with Gorgonzola cream and a tagliatelle with sweetbread ragu. That pea soup was surprisingly quite good. It was sweet, smooth and creamy; peppered and then the light Gorgonzola cream and chorizo. I enjoyed this. The real reason for me coming here was for their pasta with sweetbread ragu. Which is still, a little rarity here. I think there was mention of bone marrow in the sauce as well, but I certainly didn't taste it. It wasn't bad. 

While I couldn't say that I disliked the food here, I am pretty sure at this point and forward, Da Paolo will unlikely be a consideration for me if I'm feeling like Italian. Maybe it's the rental at Rochester. The portions were also a little small and prices a little high for those small portions. One can certainly venture guesses at their business goals from why those things are and the direction their food is taking.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tian Shui Chicken Rice, Tanglin Halt Food Centre

Until quite recently, I've never taken note of this particular chicken rice stall (Stall #22, Tanglin Halt Market, 48A Tanglin Halt Road). Since then, I've eaten at it twice so here's some thoughts.

Their chicken was slightly chilled and doused with a sticky sauce which is really, different from the majority of chicken rice here. I can't say that I'm a big fan of that sauce but it's probably just me and gloopy sauces. The meat from the chicken was pleasantly tender. Rice was grainy and inconsistently flavoured across and when there was some flavour, it was lightweight. In a nutshell, it would look to be another faceless stall that delivered competent if an ordinary plate.

Until that chilli sauce. It's respectable heat peaks fast and sustains a consistent but gradually increasing burn, topped with a citrus-y note. If one were to take a step back and examine the triage that made chicken rice, it certainly made sense to not have that much flavour in the rice. The chilli, which rocked by the way, would have killed it. I'm still trying to figure out what's in their soup. It's not the commonly available thin cabbage broth they're doing.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Red bean soup from Tanglin Halt Market

This is the second time I'm getting this from stall #10 at the little food centre at the market (48A Tanglin Halt Road) which actually sells bee hoon. I think it's good because of the mandarin peel that was used to flavour the soup and the beans were whole and soft rather than mushy and broken. Just the thing for the recent rainy days.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Recent developments with McDonald's

So, here's the ebi burger from McD. I'm just wondering out loud here if any other countries are getting this as well. I'm sure that generally, fast food is not terribly exciting and this largest chain out there would probably qualify as one of the least interesting ones. What I didn't expect to find in the ebi patty was that there were actually whole little shrimps in them. The texture was there if not any exceptional flavours. Which would probably have been drowned by that wasabi mayo anyway. 

In other news, they are also doing this green tea latte which comes with a shot of espresso. I've been drinking this stuff more often that I'd like to admit.