Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Yan Ji (炎记), Funan

This shop (#02-05 Funan, 107 North Bridge Road) I gather is an offshoot from the same Yan Ji that operated at Woodlands years ago. That stall in Woodlands is no longer around. They've branched out and some of those branches have even been pruned if you catch my drift. Something's abrew in their business and it ain't their seafood soup.

Anyways this was their fish maw lunch set which came with a bowl of rice and bottled water (8 SGD). There's fish maw, their meat patties (in cubes) and one lonely clam. While I thought that the soup was savoury and delicious, I'm pretty sure it didn't taste like how it was back in the original stall. Neither did those meat patties actually. It looks like the business going down the path of Hawker Chan. Make of that what you will.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tolido's Espresso Nook, Crawford Lane

It's been more than a couple of years since I first noticed this cafe (#01-63, 462 Crawford Lane, tel : +65 66480178). I didn't give them much thought since coffee places were a dime a dozen these days. Happening by recently, I noticed that they were still around and apparently doing brisk business. So we got up earlier one weekend and dropped by for a more breakfast than brunch thingy.

Kicked that off with a Bailey's coffee I did.

We were intrigued by a smoked salmon lemon carbonara on the menu. It was more of a lemon Alfredo than carbonara with a cream sauce that had tanginess from lemon. Couldn't detect any real cheese, egg or even pepper for a carbonarization. There was a nice hint of dill in the creamy lemony sauce though. Wasn't bad at all. I thought I enjoyed it.

Rosti's nice with a good crisp and real potato flavour. Kinda similar to those at Marché but these were less buttery. I need these with more eggs.

Couldn't resist something that was described with Guinness glazed bacon so we ordered the French toast. That Guinness glaze tasted like it had balsamic vinegar. Nothing stout-ish about the flavour but the tanginess did pair off with the sweetness from the maple syrup and custard stuffed in the toast. That toast was thoroughly soaked through with egg though so I liked it.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Picnic : other than Omakase Burger and pizzas...

We were here at Picnic to give the roasted chicken on the poster a go thinking that there ought to be something else worth eating apart from Omakase Burger and the pizza station.

This was the actual bird. It sucked. Not as nicely browned, the skin also had a very generic dried oregano flavour. Even the meat from the thigh was dry. It's a hundred leagues behind Poulét (which had seen better days). Even Cold Storage's pre roasted chickens tasted better than this one.

The only item on the plate that tasted good was the buttery mash on the side.

Tried a garlic prawn rosti in the stall next to the one from the lousy roasted chicken. This rosti was made from pretty fine strips of potato. Buttery and a little cheesy tasting even. Garlic prawns didn't taste garlic-ky. At all. Salad looked like an afterthought so I didn't even touch a leaf.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

More food from Sin Hoi Sai

We've heard varied opinions about Sin Hoi Sai. Some good, some not so good. We've been here a few times. It hasn't been bad so far. Here's another recent late dinner.

That's the salted fish and minced meat tofu. Sauce was a little sweet, mostly savoury and it tasted like it might have had some kind of cooking wine in it. I could be wrong. We though it was a straighforward comfort dish with rice. Gotta have rice with this. I liked this better than their hot plate tofu. Which wasn't bad. I just liked this better.

More of their har cheong gai. Brings out the masochist in me with their sambal belachan.

Their stir fried sambal kang kong was competent. While their sambal recipe wasn't my favourite rendition for this particular dish, it's not bad. Gotta do this with rice too.

This was sotong rojak. Fried squid with rojak. A rojak that consisted of just sliced turnips, cucumbers and pineapple with a sauce that didn't taste much like the regular rojak sauce. To be fair, the menu spelled it as 'roja sauce'. Hahaha. So maybe this mildly tangy and mostly sweet sauce was what roja tasted like. But if one were to disassociate the dish with regular rojak sauces and not compare, this was not bad. The vegetables/fruits were crisp and refreshing in the sauce and those squid were very competently fried. 

The crushed peanuts they used in the sauce had just started getting rancid. We fed back to to the wait staff and they were willing to whip up another serving sans crush peanuts for replacement. 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Cabbage parcels, boiled beef and steckerlfisch from Brotzeit

Been a while since we were last here at this branch of Brotzeit. The menu appears to have changed. Some of the old stuff we liked are no longer on the menu.

I don't know if their stuffed cabbage was available previously. We've just noticed it. Minced pork and beef wrapped in cabbage in tomato sauce. Braised they say. The flavour was pretty clean. Just the meaty flavour from the mince, the slightly sweet cabbage and the tangy tomato gravy. Especially when the sour cream that it was served with was just a tiny dollop.

We ordered the boiled beef to see if it was any good since the last time we've had anything similar was the tafelspitz at the defunct Kaiserhaus. This one was not as enjoyable. Supposed rib and oyster blade which were nowhere as tender as ones from Kaiserhaus. Not feeling this horseradish bread sauce which wasn't as tasty as the one Kaiserhaus. Yes, I've been repeating Kaiserhaus. They were so much better. I missed it. 

Steckerlfisch is fish grilled on a stick. Which was what this was. This one was on a.....hmmm, metal stick I guess. Just grilled mackerel like any other grilled mackerel. Nothing special about it.

Friday, July 12, 2019

McMuffin Stack from McD

Because sometimes I just have got to get some McD. The savoury salt and fat filled sandwiches that my body never begrudges in the morning. This was nothing like the Mighty McMuffin but I take what I can get. Didn't I just have something similar minus the "chicken bacon" a couple of years back in Bangkok