Monday, February 08, 2016

This year's last reunion dinner

Last reunion dinner here simply refers to the last one possible before the lunar new year begins its next cycle. So this usually happens in an informal fashion at home. Not at a restaurant where proprieties of any sort when eating with others are observed. 

This is usually the time when I get the yu sheng I want. The one without the horrible shreds of ginger which I detest.

Where we pop in things like loads of pomelo and pomegranate seeds to spruce up flavours.

We skipped the raw fish this year and substituted those with smoked duck. 年年有鸭? Though I'd rather 年年有鹅 so that I can look forward to an annual fix at Yat Lok or Kam's.

Made a similar mess out of the yu sheng tossing. Huat ah?

We had fried squid balls.

Bacon wrapped sausages oven roasted with a brown sugar glaze.

And a feeble attempt at making zucchini pasta which we've tried to mimic from the one we had at Afterglow. We'll do better the next time round.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Speaking of my current favourite burger...

I've gotten rid of the fries. I liked pretty much everything I've had at Luke's but their fries. Maybe it's their seasoning that doesn't agree with me.  So this was a kind of a trip back to reassure myself that the Travis burger is still as good and also to divest myself of the memories of some of the not so good ones I've had lately. The next time, I'll lose those vegetables that comes with the top bun. And maybe after that, lose the steak and burger routine for lunch. Speaking of buns, they're using black sesame seed buns these days instead of the old poppyseed ones. I liked those poppyseed buns!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The beef burger at The Naked Finn

The Naked Finn has introduced a beef burger on their lunch menu which features meat from a blend of dry aged grass fed beef with Japanese A4 wagyu. They said it was done medium well but the actual patty bordered almost on well done which I felt was too cooked for a better appreciation. Anyway, I couldn't tell much of a difference with the pedigreed and aged meat blend. The intensified flavour which I was hoping for simply didn't come through. Which was a pity. While I don't exactly dislike it, I think I like their seafood options much better. Certainly not gonna beat my current favourite soon. Oh yes, seems like these guys aren't immuned to the Truffle Fries Syndrome that's been sweeping the country.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Cod fish soup noodle from Amara Hotel

To be precise, this was at Cafe Oriental at Amara Hotel (1F, Amara Hotel, 165 Tanjong Pagar Road). One of numerous symbolic Asian retro-ish type of restaurant that one can find in local hotels to represent local cuisine - often at the upper crust. A friend had recommended me some time back to try their cod fish soup bee hoon. The broth was really lightweight - perhaps even a little bland for some. I was expecting a lot more flavour coming from a hotel's kitchen. But I suppose it was nothing a splash of soy sauce and a few slices of chilli padi cannot work around. I was hoping that they'd add evaporated milk even, but there wasn't any of that. The thick chunks of fried cod were pretty good and the vegetables were of good quality. Still it was kinda expensive at $20 for food that I could only hanker for when I'm ill.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Okamochi Box barachirashi set from Ryu's

I saved myself from damnation and came back to Ryu's. This time, we tried their barachirashi served in the Okamochi box. A wooden box with drawer compartments for food. Gimmicky? Perhaps - but it was an experience and more importantly, we enjoyed the food.

This was part of the amuse bouche. A lightly spiced carrot bisque. I couldn't tell what spices were in it but the soup was creamy and very pleasant.

The Okamochi box. The bottom drawers contained the barachirashi.

Top drawer was grilled chicken and a vegetable side which I believed was gobo.

The barachirashi came with cubed let's see - kanpachi, maguro, hotate, ikura, ika, bit of what looked like minced ebi; and there were thinly sliced & marinated shitake and renkon.

In the Okamochi box, were some seaweed sheets, a dollop of wasabi and a makisu. We tried our hand at rolling our first maki rolls ever. The virgin experience if you would.

Truthfully, I sucked at it. I had no idea what I was doing and certainly couldn't grasp how the chefs could work these things so artfully on YouTube. My clumsy hands ended up rolling the seaweed sans the mat. It looked rustic. But hey, it tasted good!

The grilled chicken look like torched chicken. The skin was charred like it had gone through aburi. But there was a familiarly sweet flavour like pandan

And the set ended with the same warabi mochi with kinako and drizzled brown sugar as the last time.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Home made ham and cheese sandwich with otah

I cannot imagine a sandwich like this, as simple as it might have been, to exist anywhere else but this part of the world.