Saturday, July 04, 2015

RedRing Treasures, Food Republic @ Wisma Atria

Remember those guys that cooked their wanton noodles by machine automation? Well, it seems that they have a stall (Stall 6, Food Republic, Wisma Atria) now at the Food Republic with an expanded menu that includes stuff like pan fried dumpling and even fried onion blossoms.

They are still cooking those egg noodles by machine. Here's a plate of them with fried pork and chicken cutlet. In retrospect, they could have had the best tasting cutlets in this branch of Food Republic if not for the existence of Udon Goen. Right now, these are simply outclassed. Hands down. Still pretty decent egg noodles in a spicy sauce that attempts to taste like the wanton noodle mixture of old though.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Ippudo, Shaw Centre

Ippudo (1 Scotts Road, #04-22/23 Shaw Centre, tel : +65 6235 2547) requires little introduction. They've been opening up a few branches of their ramen shops over the past few years. We headed down to this latest one at Shaw because I wanted to try their tan tan tonkotsu which is only available in this particular outlet.

While waiting for the ramen, we snacked. Here's a spicy potato salad topped with a fried egg. Yes the yolk was molten. The spice element tasted like some sort of curry. Probably concocted in house. Mild by local standards.

And then some garlic toast with honey dip. No surprises here. I kinda liked the crisp and airy toast.

Here's the tan tan tonkotsu. My request for the noodles was 'very hard', which I presume is their harigane. The bite from those noodles wasn't so impressive.

At first glance, the bowl reminded me a little bit of laksa. The tan tan element was a lot milder than I thought. It's more of a balanced blend between the nutty flavours and that of the original tonkotsu broth with a nice warm heat. Yes, the charshu was thin and tender. I think I prefer the basic shiromaru and if I want tan tan noodles, there's a pretty decent one nearby.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Three Little Pigs, Ngee Ann City

At the risk of sounding tacky, Three Little Pigs (391 Orchard Road, #B2-32 Ngee Ann City, tel : +65 6836 4988) have come out to play now that the Wolf's away. Truthfully, I enjoyed their food. Which happened today to be seared pork chops with their accompanied sauces (the apple beurre blanc's addictive) and a delicious sultana pesto. Even liked those asparaguses with orange mayo. Will head back again.

Gripe? Portions are a little petite for those pork chops.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wakanui Grill Dining, Boat Quay

Wakanui Grill (70 Boat Quay, tel : +65 6438 6321) is Japanese, originating from Tokyo and specializing in meat from New Zealand; namely their brand of hormone and antibiotic free Ocean beef and Canterbury spring lamb that is raised in natural pastures leading stress free lives until the moments they're sliced up and shipped from New Zealand, dry aged locally and subsequently grilled over bintochan upon order. 

Here's their tenderloin and a full rack of spring lamb. I'd go with the lamb again easily. Tender, pink and juicy at medium doneness with little else but pepper and salt. There was just enough of that lamb flavour to be satisfying. The medium rare beef was expectedly tender and very mild in flavour. Both meats inherited the smoky aroma from that white charcoal grill.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The ghost of Wasabi Tei

The title of the post might have been a little dramatic. Long gone has been the irascible chef who has moved on and again; I haven’t a clue what’s happened to that man at present time. Left behind was a legacy in the form of his old little frills free “hole in the wall” counter seating shop at the 5th floor of Far East Plaza. Run by a current management that had in honesty, made an effort to keep things very much the same as before. Right down to the $2 per seated person "cover" charge that comes with a drink. The vintaged decor had never changed too and apparently, not much has changed with the food as well.

Otoshi still came in the recognizeable form of braised hijiki seaweed and minced chicken. The flavours do seem a little thinner though.  

Here's an oyako jyu, a cooked chicken and egg over rice bento which I've never tried before. Brimming with sweetness from the mirin and onions, that went comfortingly delicious with a splash or three of light soy sauce.

For supplement, some sliced maguro. Thick and chunky replicas of those lack of finesse knife-work that this little joint was known for.

But what's changed are the people running the restaurant. The don't look so much on the edge and are visibly more amicable. And I think I have an idea......

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A five dollar dinner

Yeah that's a $2 chicken rice from Ananas at the train station and a couple of fat poh piah for a dollar fifty each. Something local, comforting and very satisfying.