Saturday, April 19, 2014

Gæst, McCallum Street

salt boiled potato, lemon and salt marinated leeks, hazel nut and rye crunch, watercress, smoked mayonnaise

I read about this Nordic deli (21 McCallum St, #01-01 The Clift, tel : +65 6634 0922) opened by a couple of Danish a few months back.  The food menu's relatively simple with focus on a few sandwiches made from their brand of sourdough that's baked daily, a couple of breakfast options and a salad of the day. 

roasted pork with crackling, orange marinated red cabbage with parsley, red apple, mustard mayonnaise

You know what? The sandwiches were really good quality and easily one of the better ones I've had. The fillings were fresh and the variety formed a medley of flavors & textures between the nicely done bread. The smoked mayonnaise from the potato sandwich was certainly memorable. I think these guys could impart a thing or three about sandwich crafting to everyone else.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Katanashi, Boat Quay

Asahi on half and half - Super Dry and Kuronama

This was a lively little izakaya (77 Boat Quay, tel : +65 6533 0490) that serves up some fun food. Nothing too sophisticated that was prepared entirely from scratch, no grills on sticks, no exotic sounding seafood to be found but there were loads of friendly staff providing relatively quick service and top of the lung greetings. There were definitely some items on the menu that scored better than the others. Like the torched shime saba which was delicious, an udon that came with rather generous portions of mentaiko that paired off with tangy spicy kimchi and the hanpen stuffed with cheddar that came with a mentaiko mayo dip. Tasty explosions of flavor there.

I noticed that they had a daily specials menu which we didn't get any of this time round. Perhaps, the next time.

shime saba, aburi-ed

mentaiko kimchi udon

cream cheese, honey, toast

tar tar - maguro and avocado

Hanpen cheese

takoyaki in tomato and cheese

I forgot what this is called, but it's bean sprouts, meat sauce and spring onions.

Katanashi Fried Chicken

warabi mochi, chestnut ice cream

an unexpected visitor

Thursday, April 17, 2014


That's referring to the pile of vegetables on the left corner which a co-worker informed is called urap, a salad of sorts of Javanese origins. I haven't seen or heard of these before until recent months. Boy have I been missing out.

Basically, it consisted of lightly cooked long beans, kang kong and bean sprouts that's done up with the slightly sweet brown shredded coconut (kinda like those that are served in lontong) and bits of sliced chilli padi. This packs in a light sweetness along with a deep savory base flavor that's accentuated with heat from the chillis. Along with that, lots of crunch and texture from the mixed vegetables. Good stuff.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Ramen Bari-Uma at United Square

I remember a couple of things about Ramen Bari-Uma. First of which was the tonkotsu shoyu broth which I didn't dislike but couldn't quite form an opinion on and the second, was their flame scorched charshu which I remember enjoying. We popped by their second outlet (101 Thomson Road,#B1-08 United Square, tel : +65 6354 3711) at United Square for a quick dinner and well, I'm quite sure at this point I don't mind the broth at all. Their Charshu-Uma bowl featured pork that was both tender and crumbly with lattices of soft fat that barely held the slices together. It somehow didn't look as impressive as the picture on the menu (I know...) nor taste as good as the first time round.

What really registered for me this time round was the noodles. It's a little softer than I like it. I'm still searching for that well done harigane texture.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Artichoke Fried Chicken

That's the fried chicken from Artichoke. It was basically their take on a Southern fried chicken plate with a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern twist. It features chicken that's been brined overnight and then massaged with a shish taouk marinated before being fried and getting a veneer of honey lemon glaze. The slaw on the side is flavoured with tahini, there's paprika fries and Lebanese pickles, a toum on the side and chutney like thingy...yada. 

So the verdict, you must be wondering. The savoury and flavoured batter was really crisp and while the meat was juicy, however that meat was a tad more salty than I had been expecting. But that worked since the sodium element was really low for everything else on the plate. There was a wing, a drumstick and a thigh and the portions were pretty generous. The only thing that I couldn't quite reconcile was the tahini slaw. The flavor profile doesn't quite scream tahini. Would have been great if there was a more noticeable hit of that fragrant sesame.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Miso hire katsu from Tonkichi

Wow, this was actually quite impressive. Today's hire katsu featured a very robust crisp sans excessive oil and the tender fillet was juicy. There is definitely differences in the quality between this shop at Ngee Ann City versus the one at Shaw House. We also got to try their kaki katsu which I recall being recommended from some time back (yes, it sure took a long time to happen). Those were fat and creamy specimens that were served. That simply means another option for fried oyster fixes.