Sunday, June 17, 2007

Geylang Lorong 9

Geylang is renown at least amongst the locals here to be a very recognizable district which congregates businesses that involve pleasures of the flesh. Not to delve to deeply into the lurid details of the myriad options of carnal pleasures, we have locally and possibly internationally famous food hawkers, drinks, more food and more drinks. Almost everyone knows about this. I'm sure you did.

The stalls around Lorong 9 (and possibly other areas) boasts several food outlets that are opened 24 hours of the day, so one can pretty much drop by the area at any time of the day or night.

Lion City Frog Porridge (235 Geylang Road) is famed for, obviously, frog porridge ($19 for 2 frogs and a pot of porridge). Incidentally, there is also another one at Balestier which also calls itself the frog porridge vendor from Geylang Lorong 9. So which is the original? The taste between the 2 stalls for me were quite comparable but if my memory didn't fail me, the one at Balestier has a stronger kick from the spiciness of the kung pao gravy and was also served in much more generous portions. That one also came bubbling hot which this one didn't. The frogs were hot and had tender succulent flesh that one can simply suck off the bones. The porridge unfortunately for me had shreds of ginger which along with coriander formed the bane of my eating experiences. Apart from that, the thick gruel with the claypot kung pao frogs was an almost unparalleled definition of literal and proverbial warm comfort, especially in the cool rainy nights. Really, apart from the ginger shreds, I have no complains.

Just across the road sits a famous Lorong 9 Geylang beef kuey teow. This was actually my first time having it and I really didn't know what was so great about them. It's not a bad beef kuey teow per se. The lethal combination of black bean and chilli sauce is something that I normally find quite irresistible. There was definitely a char flavor that was distinctive to the food cooked from seasoned black iron woks. However, the sauce wasn't as flavorful as I had been imagining and the beef was simply just limp pieces of unidentifiable meat. Insert your own rat jokes here. Maybe it's just a personal preference for my beef to taste like beef. I really did't think that much of this supposedly famous place.


Bottomless Pit said...

^5. I didn't think that the beef kway teow was very impressive and i was quite disgusted with the tremendous amount of people that was there during my visit.And i thought the frog leg porridge was really overpriced. Any good beef kway teow to recommend? I used to eat a few from Chinatown food centre....

LiquidShaDow said...

It takes at least $27 of frogs to make my stomach happy. LOL. I do not remember any particular place which has good beef kway teow, however I do remember from distant memory that I've had good ones before.

Is the place(s) that you mentioned from Chinatown still in operation?

MystiKaL said...

You missed MongKok DimSum :D

its the best dim sum ive tasted.. price to quality wise of course :)