Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ribeye steak sandwich from Marmalade Pantry

It was just wishful thinking on my part imagining the rib eye steak in this sandwich to be thick and dripping with juices. Well, it was dripping with juices, but it didn't quite qualify with what I had in mind for the thickness. That's what wishful thinking gets you. Lol. The bread, which I think is ciabatta, isn't actually as large as it appears to be. It's puffed up in side so it just looks larger than it actually is. There was the option for the doneness of the steak in the sandwich. The really enjoyable thing about this sandwich is that you get a real piece of meat which you can rip out with your teeth. Apart from that, I thought that the ultimate beef burger was ultimately more satisfying. I would attribute that to that the wasabi sauce which did mask up quite abit of the beefy flavor. It wasn't a really strong wasabi in there, but the taste got through and I honestly thought that it would have been better if there wasn't any of it. The fries here are pretty good, so the tapioca chips probably should go as well. I am entertaining the consideration to attempting on this what I do at McDonalds. But that would probably make it the most expensive sandwich I've ever had.

The sticky date pudding I was told, is pretty good. It wasn't really as good as the descriptions that I've been given of it. I very much prefer the one at B.R.O.T.H.. And the magic involved was plenty of hot butterscotch and sour cream which worked for me, much better than vanilla ice cream on this particular one.


Anonymous said...

Hmm looks like a rump steak to me more than a ribeye. LOL Not sure if it is just you or me... I found the sandwich quite enjoyable except the fact it is quite pricy

On another note, if u happened to be in Katong, try out the new Cafe Oliv Tenderlion Sandwich. It is definitely thicker than Marmalade Pantry. I kinda enjoy the surprise. Hardly by any chance I've seen a tenderlion sandwich floating in restaurants in Singapore.

LiquidShaDow said...

Hi beefeater,

It's probably me. I just like my sandwiches/burgers beefy and the wasabi took that away for me. It is indeed pricey.

I will check out the Cafe Oliv's sandwich when I drop by. I personally haven't encountered any of such sandwiches elsewhere in restaurants, but Morton's Bar does serve that on Mortini's Night, if that counts for you.