Sunday, June 17, 2007

Shades of satiated Epicurious-ity

Just some shots and thoughts of the Epicurious Burger from, Epicurious (#01-02 The Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay). A friend of mine who lives in the vicinity of Robertson Quay/Mohd Sultan area has been telling me about this rather awesome sandwich of theirs. For $18+ $4 (for the works which includes mushroom, an egg and real salty chewy bacon),it was rather hefty a cost for a burger. The nice aspect to this burger was that Epicurious did manage to make the individual toppings identifiable instead of a common mixed mashed burger. Honestly, I was quite impressed by the fact that each mouthful was distinctively flavorful of the mushroom, mustard, sauteed onions, aged cheddar cheese, patty and egg. The marinate of the beef patty can be described as flavorful, but is however crumbly. This meant that if you're eating with just hands, you get disintegrated meat crumbs over the plate as your maw your way through.

One noted feature of the Epicurious Burger was that the patty, which is of regular size comes with buns that are smaller than average. Small bread make the patties look bigger?

The patty, apart from being better marinated is probably just a little better than those from Botak Jones which is along the same standards as wham!burger. Which means that it's visually more impressive than it is tasty. If you like them heftier and firm, this is definitely not the burger. There are better options as I can recall from the likes of Wild Rocket, Brewerkz, or Marmalade Pantry instead. This patty in this one is just good for epicurios-ity, not much more.


Bottomless Pit said...

Have you tried burger from The Cellar Door? It was among one of the better ones i have tried.

LiquidShaDow said...

Nope, I haven't. The name's familiar. Is that the place along the shophouses at Bt Timah a short distance away from Coronation Plaza?

Bottomless Pit said...

yups. Its along that stretch. They have a restaurant as well as a retail shop selling various interesting food products and wines.