Wednesday, September 01, 2010

New Everest Kitchen, Chander Road

I realised that it's been quite a while since I was down in this part of Little India and a recent craving for Indian food along with a fragment of lodged memory of this place brought me back. This place (55 Chander Road, #01-01, tel : +65 6299 0745) apparently, is run by the owner of Gorkha Grill, a place which I had found out about too late and had never had the opportunity to visit when it was still around in Chinatown.

Things started as per usual, with a serving for a basket of crispy papadum with a spicy mint chutney.

We ordered a serving of pan fried spicy chicken gizzards. The gizzards were a little tough and chewy and definitely more than a little spicy with a hint of garlic. These hAD much more bite than the common gizzards that one could find in chicken rice stalls. What I didn't quite like was the occasional bit of ginger which snuck up with the gizzards into my mouth.

The jheenge papita was a described as prawns marinated in wine and mountain herbs. The accompanying gravy actually tasted very much like butter chicken - or rather butter prawns in this context. I could only discern a modicum of difference with this and the murgh makhni and wasn't able to effectively decide what was really different. Interestingly for me, the warm gravy was actually quite good eaten together with the chilled papaya. The prawns were well cooked and instead of being crunchy, it had a "meatier" texture.

This murgh makhni was essentially what we commonly know as butter chicken. It also turned out to be one of the better ones which we've had being rich, creamy and not overly tart nor spicy. The chicken used weren't from the tandoori so lacked the smoky depth in comparison with the ones from Jaggi's, but meat was quite tender.

New Everest Kitchen's jheera rice was a tad different from the ones at Chellas or Annalakshmi. This rendition turned out much more subdued in terms of both aroma and flavors. It wasn't bad, just wasn't spectacular.

Of course, I fell into the favourites trap and got myself an order of kashmiri naan. The ones here tasted remarkably similar to the ones at Jaggi's with one main difference. The latter had cheese while I could taste some bits of nuts and garlic on this one.

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CrystD said...

That papaya curry thingy looks interesting but might not want to try it as I'm not a big fan of curry with fruits :(