Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Back in Anatolia

Decided to head here (14 Scotts Road, #02-58/59 Far East Plaza, tel : +65 6836 3352) for lunch because of some kebab craving that sparked off by Deli Turk. Invariably, comparisons were made since it was just a day ago that we were eating Turkish food.

Here's just talking about the doner kebabs here and the most obvious difference was in the serving of the meat. I had noticed that the spits were only switched on when the order was taken on a quiet weekend lunch and presumably, things were not as warm compared to a busy spit. Still, the beef kebab was pretty tasty and the half green chilli added a nice spicy depth to the food. Chicken was kinda boring and the cold fries which had been laying around somewhere were totally forgettable.

Regarding their "special" rice. It's merely the same butter rice that was used with the frozen peas/carrot/corn and some almonds.

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