Monday, September 06, 2010

Deli Turk, Suntec City

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I used to work in the vicinity. And Deli Turk (3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-004, Suntec City Mall, tel : +65 6336 8082) is yet another one of those places that I must have passed by countless times and overlooked until today when I decided to give these guys a try. Even though I thought that the proprietor looked like a insurance sales person with a chip on the shoulder.

We started off with a safe order of hummus which was quite generous with the lemon and also had quite enough paprika to almost paint the dish Szechuan. Lol! I thought it was strange having chopped spring onions sprinkled on the top since that really added to the effect of making the dish look really Chinese and spicy. But all was good with the nicely chilled and creamy chick pea paste served with warm bread.

This yoghurt slathered dish, Kara lahana domasi was something we got off the daily special menu. The tubular shapes that you see are actually cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and minced meat. It was altogether quite good with the comforting feel of rice, meat and vegetables topped with a semi spicy sauce and yoghurt.

The lamb doner kebab was pretty good stuff with sufficient gaminess of the meat on top of moist butter rice. In spite of the grease from both the meat and rice, I did feel that portions were a little small. My not so spider sense detects a repeat order item here in subsequent visits.

The kunefe was a dessert that was recommended by the grumpy looking proprietor and wow, this was pretty good stuff indeed. I could come back just to have this again. It appeared to be a shredded filo pastry like tart/thing/disc with unsalted cheese on the inside. The pastry, sweetened by a topping of syrup was served piping hot with a shower of crushed pistachio over the top, lying on a bed of cream. The texture of the kunefe allowed it to soak up the cream from the bottom, so it ended up being cool yet warm, and was also crispy and juicy (from the soaked cream) at the same time.

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CrystD said...

hhhmmm all look awesome just that the hummus??? on the second picture is a little seems to be too drench in olive oil for my liking.. Waiting for your notes!!