Thursday, September 02, 2010


Leaving things up to the hands of the chef is spruced by the appeal/appal of mystery. One does not know what one might get. For many, the anticipation of the delivery works magic. It's not something that I do very often and if I did, it's usually for Japanese food and it's more of the fact that it allows me to sample what's good for the day/week rather than getting a surprise. Maybe I lack adventurous spirit. I don't really like surprises (still saying this even though I'm generally willing to try weird stuff) and I want to know what I'm going to eat. No disparagement to Luca and his selection, but I guess this was just one of those meals which I didn't choose and turned out to be not too exciting.

Pumpkin flower fritters stuffed with cheese would be something that would catch my eye if it turned up on menu. I'm not sure how eating these were suppose to go but the flavour was mostly cheese and some bits of vegetable texture which didn't quite identify itself as anything. I noticed that the rockets looked a little tired. Lol.

Nice refreshingly tasty tomato hearts, a light and a creamy mozzarella. Parma ham tasted a little washed out. Definitely not a perky nutty aroma which I was hoping for.

This was affectionately termed the kuey teow a la Papermoon. It was a mimic of a certain pasta dish which a friend had over at Paper Moon at Milan. The pasta was al dente, tomato based sauce wasn't overly tart and there were chunks of scallops and some shrimps. I'm guessing that this didn't taste as good as the original since it was an attempt to duplicate. Sure didn't blow my mind there.

This is the first time for me with goose confit. I'm not expert with them, but I thought the meat was a little too dry and lacked identifying flavour.


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