Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lunching at Mayim

This was certainly one of those satisfying lunches. I've realised that I haven't really talked about the food here in Mayim in my previous mention of the place. Certainly, it wasn't because of the food being forgettable. There's definitely stuff here which I liked and some which didn't impress me much.

The roast meat noodle selection here were some of the items which I thought were worth returning for. It's probably more of the roast meat for me than the noodles which were unfortunately not springy and firm enough to further raise my eyelid. Especially not after having had some pretty awesome ones out of the country and a surprising good rendition at Canton-i. Today, we landed our selves some tasty roasted duck and a fattier than expected roast pork belly. The fat from the pork didn't quite disintegrate as I am normally hoping for, but it was still agreeably soft, coupled with a nicely crispy crackling.

This would be a stir fried spinach with pork belly, lup cheong and bits of bacon. Pretty meaty for a vegetable dish if you asked me and that's always a reason why I like ordering this. The greens make me feel less guilty of the grease which also incidentally, flavors the vegetables very nicely.

Very nicely done steaming har gow with chunky pieces of shrimp in them. Definitely a benchmark item for dim sum places. This was in leagues better than the ones at Red Star and part of the reasons for ordering them was so that I could exorcise the residual phantoms of the ones left in my memory.

Slightly misshapened they might be, but these are one of the better siew mais to be had around. Their crude shape holds together chunky pieces of shrimp, bits of pork and cubes of mushroom, all of which are individually identifiable in their own flavors. Nice stuff.

These creamily textured radish cake with a nicely browned crisp on the outside are always a weakness of mine. Excellent carbo fix if you're looking for something tastier than regular rice.

The dim sum variety at Mayim is admittedly quite limited, but they've scored a few hits with me to ensure re-visits.

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ah Teo said...

the siew mai makes me want to eat more. More!!