Monday, August 16, 2010

Do I spy ankimo on my chirashizushi?

Here's a look at a revisit at Chikuwa Tei. The food here has pretty much kept to the standards of how it was remembered from the last visit and the one thing that was different was that they've started serving their little appetizer dish again to all the patrons. It wasn't the old hijiki seaweed stuff today though, but a stewed soft root vegetables and minced chicken with the same broth as before.

There was an unexpected piece of ankimo for the chirashi which also featured rather surprisingly fatty cuts of all the fishes and some sinewy toro. And a little score off the unajyu having a mixture of regular grained rice and the Japanese variety. The texture of the rice mixture was downright noticeable from the start. I wonder if that's cost savings down there.


red fir said...

Hmm... was it all pearl rice for your chirashi then? Mine came with pearl rice.

LiquidShaDow said...

Yeap, pearl rice for chirashi.