Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bedrock Bar & Grill, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites

Hmmm, this was definitely a place (96 Somerset Road, #01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, tel : +65 6238 0054) that I wouldn't mind returning to. The service was unexpectedly very professional in a way where by it was almost personal, yet not intrusive. I'm hoping that that wouldn't be a one off thing, but in any event, the food was also part of the reason why I would look forward to returning. With a streamlined menu that had a focus, I somehow have a feeling that this was one of the restaurants that got their priorities right.

They had a flat bread that was freshly baked just before serving. This was one point up for starters which also featured some (baked?) garlic that was aromatic and soft in a creamy way that the cloves could be spread like soft butter.This was one of those things that I had to be wary about in a good way since it made one stuff themselves way too much before the other food was served. These guys even offered refills for them which I couldn't refuse.

We had their applewood smoked tomato soup for starters which was probably one of the best if not the best representative of tomato soups I've had. The consistency was creamy without having actual cream and I thought that it struck a good balance of being smoky and tart without being overly so. What I liked about it too, was that it wasn't a heavy soup for a starter.

We couldn't pass up the roasted bone marrow on toast and it arrived just like I imagined it. What won us over was that it was heart clogging rich, gooey and hot..... robustly flavored on top of well buttered toast sticks. I've always held the sensation of having roasted marrow akin to eating foie gras.

The focus of Bedrock Bar and Grill apart from their whiskeys are of course, their steaks. We landed ourselves a 300g dry aged striploin and a 400g Australian ribeye. The place was a little dark and my hands were definitely not the surest with a camera, so the pictures here didn't quite do justice to how they really looked. But to make things short, they arrived at a very nicely done medium rare, firm yet juicy with beefy flavors. And hey, it's much easier on the wallet than Morton's is.

I sometimes get confused between hunger and gluttony, so I didn't know which of it made us decide to top the order up with a side of their mac and cheese which the server recommended to be something we had to try. Mostly, we were sold because he mentioned the use of blue cheese. The blue cheese that was used was unfortunately a tad weak, but the pleasant surprise was that the server had actually anticipated that and offered extras of that blue cheese sauce that they used. The cream at the bottom of the dish was rich, but not heavy at all. The crusty Parmesan over the top was definitely icing for the macaroni and did I forget to mention, that it was "perfumed" as such things are often described, by truffle oil.

The steaks were actually also accompanied by a selection of house made sauces, none of which was put to good use by us except for the pinot noir which made a pretty good dip for the accompanying bread. That was definitely not to say that the sauces were bad, but we were definitely coming here because we enjoyed beef for the natural meat flavors and the irony of robust sauces is that they defeat that purpose. We did managed to sample through the flavors and found the bearnaise to be pretty good, if strangely different from any other bearnaise sauces that we've had. The chilli oil was a little too Asian for steaks.

The dessert was unfortunately, not impressive. This was supposed to be a red velvet cake and the pieces of beetroot in the otherwise ordinary cake coated in cream cheese made them taste a little strange to me. It was a little letdown here considering that the rest of the dinner brought smiles to our faces. Still, I'm not about to deduct any points over here just for that. I'm sure they have something else that can redeem this for us.


ratatouille said...

omg... bone marrow! it must be damn shiok!

CW said...

Oh finally I've read the infamous Bed Rock dinner.

Mac & cheese, hhmmm not sure that would be something I'd try there but am happy to see you both enjoyed the birthday dinner and lunch :)