Monday, August 30, 2010

Red Star Restaurant, Chin Swee Road

I've been asked by some friends to give this place (Blk 54 Chin Swee Road #07-23, tel : +65 6532 5266) a try on numerous occasions and I've never gotten the chance to come down until today after shopping for glass jars. It was truly more than just a little disappointing, considering that it's been talked about like it was the place that one should check out for some old school dim sum. It didn't really help at the end of the meal when I realised that it actually costs less to eat a Crystal Jade Golden Palace where the food was much more refined and tasted on the whole, a lot better.

Certainly, this aged stained place was a sight for nostalgia with their distinct decor of a bygone era and trolleys of hot food in steamed bamboo baskets which are carted around that one had to rush for. I'm definitely not convinced of returning when the best things I could remember was a plate of stir fried greens, century egg porridge and their egg tarts.

These har gao deserves some mention because it tasted very little of prawns and the fillings were a floury lump that left a slightly chalky feel on the tongue. As a main stay of dim sum, it was certainly very disappointing.

Honorary mentions also go for the ubiquitous char siew bao which had dark and dry-ish minced pork fillings which were definitely different from how they are done elsewhere. I certainly didn't think they were tasty. Even the generic factory made ones in coffee shops tasted better.

I'm normally a sucker for pan fried radish cakes, but these were far from the ones with creamy insides that I was hoping for.

I was hoping to find more salvation in the department of desserts. Their black sesame paste was so starchy that even when it was relatively warm, it had already formed a surface at the top. The black sesame flavors were a little weak and it was a little too sweet for me.

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