Saturday, November 02, 2013

More lupinity...

This was suppose to be just a quick drop by for desserts after an unsatisfying one at Truffle Gourmet. More of that later....maybe. So they were filled to the brim and we ended up sitting at the bar.

Since we had room for more food and didn't mind pushing back the memories of rather mediocre food, here's more stuff which we picked on. 

This sharp knife was a mystery at the beginning. Later we realised that it was for the fennel. And three little pigs danced atop.

potato skins 
house-cured smoked bacon, crème fraîche

We thought that the potato skins with crème fraîche was quite nicely done and not over the top. Just that crème fraîche, bacon and I think we detected some cheese. Toasted cheese which added that little chewiness and aroma.

charred fennel
house-made goat’s milk ricotta, 
black olive oil, pine nut

Their charred fennel honestly looked boiled rather than charred. But we got hit by a very distinctive and clean char aroma, pairing off nicely with the richness from the goat's ricotta. Liked.

braised savoy cabbage....again!

Nothing further needs to be said on this.

chicken hearts & liver salad 
parsley, radish, roasted garlic dressing

If I had to complain, I only wished for larger portions. This was a pretty dime we paid for a small salad, but it was quite good. 

chocolate beetroot cake
goat’s cheese frosting

I thought the combination here was rather unusual. There was some strength from the bittersweet chocolate without creamy richness. In replacement, was that faint beetroot taste which surprised me by getting through all the chocolate. The cake was rather dense, dry-ish, offset by the goat's cheese frosting. Great that it didn't taste as sweet as it looked.

Banoffee tart

This was also quite good. It came recommended and tasted better than I imagined. Light airy cream on top of fresh bananas and caramel in a dense, buttery and crumbly base.

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