Saturday, November 09, 2013

Madras New Woodlands Restaurant, Upper Dickson Road

Madras New Woodlands Restaurant, lassi

This was a pretty enjoyable meal at Madras New Woodlands (12-14 Upper Dickson Road, +65 6297 1594) preluded by their delicious lassi. I heard that they're good for digestion, but that's not the reason why I drink them. 

Madras New Woodlands Restaurant, pani puri

Except maybe for the pani puri which wasn't so crispy and didn't taste fresh at all. It looked too hastily put together even for such a snack. The flavour profile for these were thin and sparse, worn down by too much sour from the tamarind water. I'll be sure to pick something with yoghurt the next time.

Madras New Woodlands Restaurant, tomato uttapam

My first tomato uttapam ever. Deliciously filled with chopped onions and tomato accompanied by the usual chutney and sambar. What really got my attention was their orange chutney. I've never found out what went into making them or if there's a proper name for them. This one here was quite good.

Madras New Woodlands Restaurant, vip thali

This was their VIP thali, basically their thali with the works which came with both the white rice and briyani plus a pastry of choice along with vegetable options on the side . In our case, the pastry was a bhattura that was crusty, crisp and slightly chewy. I thought we were rather taken in by the savoury flavours from their blend of spices in the entire tray. Their creamy vegetable korma was exceptional, chickpea curry was spicy and the briyani, fragrant enough to eat on its own. Everything except the bhattura was entitled for refills.

Madras New Woodlands Restaurant, masala tea

Masala tea here was heavy with milk. Which was not necessarily a bad thing since it lent a mellow comforting quality. That being said, I could definitely appreciate a bit more spice and strength to the tea.

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