Sunday, March 09, 2014

Dong Bei Ren Jia (东北人家), Upper Cross Street

 pi dong (皮冻) - pork rind in aspic

cabbage and pork dumplings (水饺)

deep fried man tou with condensed milk

big head bean sprouts stir fried with shredded pork and dried chilli

mutton and salted vegetable soup

guo bao rou (鍋包肉) - sweet and sour pork

cong you bing (葱油饼) - spring onion pancakes

pumpkin deep fried with salted egg yolk and sugar

Just a quick one here. The stuff that they served at Dong Bei Ren Jia (22 Upper Cross St, tel : +65 6224 5258) was not bad at all. The prices were affordable to boot. Both of which were evidented by the full house and it was largely filled by Chinese nationals. 

A few of items that I felt was more mention worthy included the salted vegetable soup with mutton which was really tasty stuff and interestingly, there wasn't much of the flavor of the meat in the soup itself. The actual pieces of meat were however nicely flavored. For mutton lovers I meant.

The sweet and sour pork rendition here was nothing like the local variety. These were thin sliced pork, battered and fried to a light crisp that was a bit more sour (vinegary tang) than sweet. Very appetizing and no cloy. 

Bean sprouts were delicious and the deep fried pumpkin with salted yolk and sugar was interesting to say the least. The latter was surprisingly easy to pop into the mouth in spite of being deep fried.

Better make reservations if you want a table at dinner without having to wait.

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Linda said...

The cabbage and pork dumplings look amazing.