Monday, March 31, 2014

Dissecting Li Xin fishball noodles

Li Xin fishball noodles

Here's a true story. I've eaten at this stall several times. I've had it at the stall at ION and also tried them a couple of times at their outlet at the foodcourt at JEM. I surprised myself at that because I was never really big on fish ball noodles. Certainly wouldn't help one of them stalls tithe their landlords by paying $5.50 for a bowl. And I disliked them as a kid.

Back to the true story. Throughout the visits, I've had them with all the condiments (chilli, ketchup and vinegar). I would have omitted the ketchup if I had known then that they use them, but that's history. I've also had them with chilli and vinegar and no ketchup just to see the difference. Had them with chilli and nothing else because I heard the chilli sauce was good. Seemed that the best tasting set-up for me, was the one with nothing added on. Just the regular portions of deep fried lard that they spooned into the bowl of noodles. This was the ultimate bowl for me. The flavour of the lard came through, had a savoury ring and was unmasked by the really just average condiments which didn't do it for me. 

Just remember to ask for more noodles if you eat like man. I have this feeling that the sweetness from bloody ketchup makes one feel more filled up than you really are. Having none of the rest of those condiments also makes one realise how stingy they are with noodles.


red fir said...

Had both the ketchup-chili-vinegar & chili-vinegar versions but none impresses me. Try dalian bcm at jem instead. It blows lixin out of the water.

Aussie tourist said...

I feel the same way as you, hate the ketchup and every time I ask to not put it they ignore me completely!! I eat at the ION one.

Best fishball noodles for me is the one at the Tiong Bahru wet market upstairs. Not sure the name.

Aussie Tourist