Friday, June 13, 2014

A monkfish stew with bean sprouts from Your Woul

As much as I enjoyed eating at Your Woul previously, I'm not about to recommend their monkfish stew. Unless paying $42 for a plate of mostly spicy sprout's your thing. There was little monkfish in it and half of that was rubbery skin and bones. I had imagined that filets or the tail portions would be used, but I guess I was dead wrong. Whatever meat that was in it was tough and stringy. Certainly not what one would expect from the poor man's lobster. To be fair, the rest of the vegetables were very enjoyable.

They're a family restaurant. Stick to the regular items on menu with ingredients that this part of the earth can easily obtain and it's generally fine. Forget the ugly fish that comes from the lightless depths in a sea that's half a world away.

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