Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Back in Banana Leaf Apolo

It's been quite a while since we've last visited Banana Leaf (56 Race Course Road, tel : +65 6293 8682). A lot of people come here for their curry fish head. We didn't get that today.

We had fried fish roe instead. While the dish on the menu simply called it fish roe, there's actually fish milt in it as well. This stuff is pretty good.

A decent gobi 65 can be gotten here, tasty with the mint chutney on the side. If you're wondering still, these are cauliflower florets battered in a spiced gram flour and deep fried.

Their masala mutton was nutty and spicy. Actually, it was more spicy than I had thought.

To accompany the naan and rice, a rich and creamy paneer makhani - or butter paneer. Cubed cottage cheese in a spiced creamy tomato gravy. This rendition from Banana Leaf was pretty good. 

The only thing that was disappointing this time round was their peshwari naan. The menu described powdered almond and cashew nut spread. Didn't quite look like what I had in mind. The flavours that came through were strangely just garlic and butter though we were pretty sure this was not their garlic naan. But now we know we're never getting this again.

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