Thursday, July 06, 2017

Pete's Place, Grand Hyatt

I haven't stepped into Pete's Place (Grand Hyatt Singapore, Basement Level, 10 Scotts Road, tel : +65 6732 1234) for ages. While my memories of the place are a little hazy, the restaurant looked like it hasn't changed since then.

We happened to order food in the time slot where a free round at the salad bar is available as long as main courses are ordered. One would come to the conclusion that the salad bar is more Sizzler than Basilico. There isn't much to be excited about from the small spread; but hey, we got ourselves some vegetables.

Their vitello tonnato looked unusual. The tuna sauce didn't look or taste like the usual creamy variety. That sauce looked like it was chopped up bits of tuna mixed in olive oil. It was a little...watery. I wonder if it's some regional variety or an older technique that I've never encountered before. Those caper berries were also very sour.

There's was a burrata pizza with anchovies. The creamy cheese a counter to the fish and the chopped tomato base. The latter of which was surprisingly enjoyable. Surprising for me that is. Don't expect Neapolitan styled crust here. They did mentioned that a 48 hour dough that is made in house was used and the baking is done in a brick oven.

The restaurant claimed that their spaghetti carbonara didn't have cream. It got us interested. The pasta was a little wet for something that didn't have cream. I was expecting a little more punch from the cheese and pepper. The flavours were a little less intense than I had hoped for but it wasn't a bad spaghetti carbonara.

Tiramisu was okay. The ladyfingers were quite thoroughly soaked and the espresso flavours were getting through. But I couldn't tell if there was any liquor involved.

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