Monday, August 07, 2017

Revisiting Gerry's Grill

I realized that my challenge with ordering at Gerry's is trying to get something that looks good that doesn't contain pork.

There was a measure of success with that from the green mangoes with bagoong. Bagoong as I've recently learnt is a condiment made with fermented fish or krill. It's sweet and salty and has a shrimp-y flavour akin to what one an taste in belachan or rojak sauce. The bagoong a complement to the sour from the green mangos. I'm thinking it's something that'll also be great with rice.

The porking begins with sisig, the almost universally recognized Filipino dish of sizzling chopped pig's face on a hotplate. The menu understates by mentioning pork cheeks as the ingredients but we're pretty damn sure it was more than just cheeks in there. Perhaps snout and skin and ears. 

We had an order of their adobong puso rice which was steamed rice with strips of tender pork belly in adobo sauce wrapped in banana leaf. Sweet and savoury and just a tiny bit smokey with pepper. This was pretty good.

And a green mango shake for that make believe ending.

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