Sunday, March 25, 2018

Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen, Beach Road

This Thai shop (327 Beach Road, tel : +65 6909 0759) had pretty good food. Even though the name had "noodle" in it, it sold more than just noodles. In fact, there's a gamut of commonly seen Thai food dishes.

Like som tam mamuang. They didn't have some of the usual add on/condiments around the table so I asked for extra crushed peanuts. Didn't look like much but these had the extras already. No fish sauce was detected. The mango was just a little bit riper than usual resulting in a slightly less crunchy texture. I liked it though.

The aroma from the khao soi wafted into our noses as soon as the brought it to the table. What made this good was the creamy coconut infused into the broth that made it creamy and nutty. Not as luxed up as the one from Provence that even had some lime and onions with a more complex flavour but it was still tasty that I wouldn't mind coming back for.

That's the lala jade noodles there - essentially a sort of Thai vongole. Spicy and rather good if I might say

We had a salt baked sea bass which was also nicely done. The meat was firm and flaked off like fresh fish meat does.

Not forgetting their mango sticky rice. It was unfortunate that the mango wasn't very aromatic even though it was juicy and sweet. The black rice which tasted like the glutinous rice version of pulut hitam was impressively soft

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