Thursday, March 08, 2018

Fried Egg Power from Park Bench Deli

I happened to be in the vicinity during breakfast hours so I thought it made sense to stop by for a breakfast sandwich from Park Bench Deli. It did sound good on paper. A couple of eggs, tater tots, bacon, cheddar and PBD sauce. I'll have to disclaim at this point that I do not actually know what's in the PBD sauce.

It's not bad. Greasy, carb-y and salty - texturized between two warm rolls. But for $12.85 I definitely felt that quantity needs work. #pricey. A bit more cheese, a bit more bacon and possibly another egg would have been so much more satisfying. Couldn't taste any of that PBD sauce after half the sandwich so some strategically squeezed Sriracha came to the rescue with their nice vinegary warmth. 

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